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How to Determine Cake Price:

1. The Cake Icing:

We can offer you cakes iced with flavoured buttercream, chocolate ganache, classic fondant icing or royal icing. Fondant icing is often the preferred choice of our clients as it provides a less expensive, yet delicious, alternative to the more expensive, traditional royal icing.

2. Cake Decoration:

The level of detail incorporated into the design of the decoration on your cake is taken into consideration when pricing. Wherever possible we will look to provide you with less expensive alternatives, so that you can achieve the best possible result at the most competitive price.

3. Layer Structure:

Pricing is dependent upon the number of layers and whether the layers are stacked or interspersed with columns, pillars or flowers. For larger cakes, sometimes 'dummies' are used to increase the height and size of the cake. Incorporating dummy layers into your design can serve as a less expensive way of increasing the size and stature of your cake.

4. Cake Shape & Novelty Cakes:

The amount and intricacy of carving required to sculpt and mould the structure of your cake is considered in the overall pricing.

5. Cake Size and Number of Servings:

Square cakes naturally yield slightly more servings than round cakes of the same size. A single serving size for fruit cakes is traditionally 1x1x3 inches and for sponge cakes is 1x3x3 inches. Both the number of servings as well as the overall size of the cake will affect the price. For cupcakes, mini-iced cakes and bite-sized treats, prices are calculated individual.

6. Toppers and Flowers:

Individually handcrafted sugar flowers, cake toppers and sugar models are all priced individually making it easier to specify the exact cost of each aspect of your cake design.

Affordable Cakes
Children's Birthday Cakes from ? 35.00
Children's Parties
From ? 10.00 pp
Cupcakes from ? 2.00